Embark on a transformative journey of biblical exploration with ‘Build Your Education: Scripture Quest.’ This innovative curriculum, tailored for grades 1-12 and adults, revolutionizes traditional Bible study methods with its dynamic inquiry-based approach.

Each level, meticulously crafted to suit different stages of learning, presents 30 thought-provoking questions for each level that ignite curiosity and foster deep understanding. From Level 1 for grades 1-3 to Level 4 for grades 10-12 to adults, participants are encouraged to delve into the richness of Scripture, unlocking its timeless wisdom and relevance for their lives.

Whether you’re just beginning your spiritual journey or seeking to deepen your biblical knowledge, ‘Build Your Education: Scripture Quest’ offers a pathway to enlightenment and discovery. Engage with the Word like never before and embark on a quest for truth, understanding, and spiritual growth.

Catering to diverse educational settings, ‘Build Your Education: Scripture Quest’ is ideally suited for not only individual learners, but homeschoolers, homeschooling cooperatives, hybrid schools, learning pods, micro-schools, and other small group learning environments. Its adaptable structure allows for seamless integration into various teaching methodologies, whether in a one-on-one setting or a collaborative learning environment.

With its inquiry-based approach and flexible design, educators and facilitators can easily tailor the curriculum to meet the unique needs and preferences of their students, fostering meaningful engagement and enriching learning experiences. Whether utilized as a primary curriculum or supplementary resource, ‘Build Your Education: Scripture Quest’ empowers educators and learners alike to embark on a transformative journey of biblical discovery and spiritual growth.

Build Your Education series includes:

Scripture Quest (Main Book with all 66 books of the Bible)

Scripture Quest: Blank Workbook & Journal

In Development: I am in the process of breaking the main book down into individual study guides for each book of the Bible. Be sure to join the mailing list to learn about new publications! These books will go more in depth on each book of the Bible. See example page below from the Genesis workbook.

Scripture Quest: Genesis Workbook