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Finally! One Curriculum for All Ages!

Our curriculum is coming along nicely.

A full curriculum map is in the works now for publication.

Schedules are currently being created for each of the current books.

I am seeking: Creative Design Minds! I am a thinker and creator, but my mind isn’t the type to create the design aesthetics to make things visually appealing. If you are and would be interested in collaborating with me, please email: [email protected]. I’d love to hear from you.

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Through inquiry-based learning, students develop critical thinking skills and a curiosity-driven approach to education, empowering them to become lifelong learners.


From designing solutions to conducting experiments, our project-based approach cultivates practical skills and deepens understanding through authentic, experiential learning.

Charlotte Mason

Nourish the hearts and minds of students through narration, habit formation, and the cultivation of moral character, fostering a love for learning that lasts a lifetime.

Build Your Education is an inquiry-based & project-based curriculum.

  • Created for Family Style Learning or Group Learning environments such as homeschooling cooperatives, micro-schools and learning pods.
  • 1 Book has all levels. There is no need to purchase individual levels.
  • Each level is designed to build on each other. However, you can start at any level.
  • Scheduling: Use according to the curriculum map above or create your own schedule! Our curriculum is designed to be flexible to meet your family or group’s needs. You can easily take each chapter and study it over 2 or 3 weeks to round out a full school year.
  • Printed on demand for you! All books are available for purchase on Amazon. They are printed in 8.5×11 format for ease of use.

Build Your Education Series includes:

The curriculum is designed as an inquiry-based & project-based program. This is different from traditional curriculum where students are told what to learn. Instead, we’re giving them inquiry-based questions (ie learning prompts). Students take the learning prompt and conduct research, explore and create projects based on the student’s individual ability. This is ideal not only for individual learners but for group learning environments of mixed ages such as in a homeschooling, homeschool cooperatives, learning pods, nature schools, micro-schools and others.

If you have a need or question, please email me at [email protected]

Learning Levels

  • Level 1: Grades 1-3
  • Level 2: Grades 4-6
  • Level 3: Grades 7-9
  • Level 4: Grades 10-12

TERMS OF USE POLICY: This curriculum is intended exclusively for use in in-person learning environments by families and groups. Purchasers are strictly prohibited from using this curriculum to conduct online classes on any platform, including, BUT NOT LIMITED TO: Outschool, Allschool, Zoom, or similar mediums. Such use violates our terms of use policy and will result in legal action pursued in Jefferson County, AL.

Build Your Education

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